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Pancake by SmashinAssassin
Velums's Pancake

I couldn't resist drawing this bae after the collabmission with AriiKnave
AK + SA COLLABMISSION (2 Slots Available) by SmashinAssassin
AK + SA COLLABMISSION (2 Slots Available)
Presenting the newest type of commission I can offer alongside my art buddy, AriiKnave !!

These specific commissions are much more rare than my regular ones since neither of us have infinite amounts of time to spend on these commissions, but we will offer them when we can and have the time to spare. Even rarer still, this kind of commission is meant exclusively for human and human-esqe characters!

We both hope to bring all our our potential clients the best of us both! c:

Note //[SLOTS:]// Note
Updated: 01/16/2015 2:30pm

1) Available
2) Available

Bullet; Orange *PROCESS* Bullet; Orange

The way this works is that I (SmashinAssassin) does the initial sketch and pose, then lines the work for AriiKnave to color and shade!

Payments and sketch previews can be handled through either of us and you are more than welcome to get a preview before the commission undergoes the lining process and or shading if requested.

You will receive a fullsized image at 300DPI and at roughly 900-1100px via link or email based on your preference.

Time wise, it may take up to one month before you recieve your art in light that we have other artwork and priorities to attend to. 


Bullet; Green *TERMS OF SERVICE* Bullet; Green

*You may put your commission on your profile page (with Watermark Intact).
*You may have a non watermarked copy sent to you.
*You may put the image on other sites IF you credit us both.
*You may not resell your commission for any purpose. That is our crafted work, and we still hold rights to the image being our art.

Bullet; Orange  *ORDERING*  Bullet; Orange
You may only order a Collabmission is there is a slot availible!!
To claim a slot, fill out a note with the following:

Note Subject: Collabmission
Email: (This is necessary for paypal)
Visual Reference(s): (Link. We will not draw characters based on text.)
Notes/ Details: (Poses, expressions, and the like. Be specific!)

<Anything else you would like to let us know>

 You may order through either of us but please note that the slots are unified. This will be updated as soon as a slot is claimed, so be sure to refresh before filing a note!

Bullet; Green *PRICING* Bullet; Green
(Conversion 1 USD = 100 Points)

We are both accounting prices for the share of time from us individually. Couples are $10 cheaper respectively!
Additionally, these commissions are to be paid up front, either through paypal (AriiKnave can invoice you if necessary) or through dA points. (Points)
**Please note AriiKnave am the only one who will accept point conversions.**

One Character
$45 USD / 4,500 Points
CB Cheeb Yakira by AriiKnave

Two Characters
$80 USD / 8,000 Points
CB A flowercrown for you by AriiKnave

If you prefer, we have made it so you may request your character to be translated into a human design. This does however require a little free reign and is an additional +$5 / 500 Points!
There is no limitation to clothes and external bits such as wings, horns, tails, and the like. Please note that if your character(s) is deemed to be complex, we will charge you an additional $6 USD / 600 Points or possibly more if it is extreme.

Respect that we, as artists, reserve the right to refuse your commission request prior to initializing the process.

Comment below with questions, if any!
Ayda Taliba by SmashinAssassin
Ayda Taliba
Finally gonna upload this here. This lady went through major changes over the years. She's part of a story AriiKnave and myself are conjuring called Rebound where an enslaved race fights back it's oppressors.
Art Dump 1 by SmashinAssassin
Art Dump 1
Stuff that I've done in the past year. Some are on my tumblr while others are being uploaded for the first time. 

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You have such a great style <3 It says it ask you about art trades? I was really hoping to commission you in the near future if you were still open as well (: I don't have many examples of my best work in my gallery, (They're too big to scan) but I would be honored if you would be interested in trading with me (: 
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